Removal and Cleaning

  • Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool

    Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool


    Faced with a vast array of different models shapes and sizes the professional needs a universal tool. Compatible with an astonishingly wide range of detectors, the color-coded heads of the Solo 200 rotate to provide a combination of sizes and settings for just about every detector.

    • Universal design suits widest range of detectors
    • Suitable for use at / from angles
    • Outstanding quality backed by lifetime warranty
  • Solo A7 Detector Duster

    Solo A7 Detector Duster


    Detector cleaning is a specialist activity that involves more than just a wipe and a blow. An inherent part of it is, however usually the clearing of dust or other solid contaminants. Solo A7 been developed specifically for this purpose - with a particularly high velocity burst and non-flammable formulation.

  • BLOWout



    The brand new air duster from SDi, BLOWout safely removes dust and dirt from electronic devices. Ideal for smoke detectors.

    • Supports the prevention of false alarms.
    • Can be used on a variety of electronic products:
      • Computers
      • Keyboards
      • Telephones
      • Audio equipment
      • Photo equipment
    • No CFC’s
    • Large 10oz can
  • Cyclone CY101

    Cyclone CY101 Canless Air System


    Looking for an environmentally responsible alternative to canned air? You have found it! Cyclone is a simple, innovative idea that has become an affordable revolution against traditional canned air. Completely rechargeable, Cyclone clears dust and dirt from detectors with no risk of residue and zero moisture.

    • Powerful
    • Hand-held, Lightweight, Portable
    • Rechargable
    • Safe, Economical
    • No residue, Zero moisture
    • No harmful gases
    • Green
    • Code Requirements
  • Solo A7 Detector Duster

    Solo 743 PDA holder

    • Use in conjunction with SOLO access poles
    • Scan Bar Codes/RFID Tags up to 30 Ft.
    • Compatible for use with TF remote control
    • Additional Custom removal tools available