Detector Test Equipment

Functional testing of smoke, heat and CO detectors is required by national standards around the world. Testing by electronic means alone is not sufficient to comply with most codes. Whether introducing a smoke stimulus, genuine heat source or actual CO to a detector, it is imperative that physical testing be done to check proper functionality. The Solo range of detector test equipment is specifically designed for this purpose, providing a genuine professional solution to functional testing.


    Smoke Detector Testing

    A wide array of test tools for the functional testing of smoke detectors – ranging from hand-held aerosols to cutting-edge multi-criteria testers – all of which offer detector manufacturer approval and UL certification.


    Heat Detector Testing

    Versatile tools for functional heat detector testing in a universal design, suited for the widest possible range of detectors – available in either cordless and corded varieties or within a multi-criteria tester. Approved by leading manufacturers and UL certified.


    CO Detector Testing

    Available for use either hand-held or with a dispenser, our CO aerosol is UL classified and approved exclusively by leading CO detector manufacturers. CO testing is also available as an optional component within our multi-criteria tester.


    Removal & Cleaning

    Universal removal tool design enables rapid removal and replacement of a wide range of detectors. Once removed, aerosol duster can be used to assist with the cleaning of detectors – reducing the chance of contaminated detectors and false alarms.


    Access Poles

    With a range of up to 30ft, Solo telescopic poles provide a lightweight, portable solution for accessing detectors at a variety of heights. Interchangeable Solo testing heads & removal tools help to drastically reduce inspection times.


    Detector Test Kits

    A comprehensive range of kits, configured by height and application, to provide the most cost-effective way of purchasing complete functional testing solutions. Also available with sensitivity testing options for an all-encompassing testing package.