Multicriteria Detector Testing

As a burgeoning technology, multi-criteria detectors capable of detecting smoke, heat and CO in a single unit are becoming the new standard in the fire detection industry. While these detectors offer many advantages over their predecessors, they also pose a unique challenge in the test & inspection field: finding the best way to test multi-criteria detector functionality. The solution is Testifire, the world’s first multi-criteria detector tester.


    Testifire Multicriteria Detector Testers

    Testifire enables faster and more efficient testing of both single and multi-sensor detectors with the production of different stimuli – smoke, heat and CO – either individually, sequentially or simultaneously. Available models include either dual smoke/heat testing or smoke/heat/CO testing in a single unit. UL certified, Testifire is approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world.


    Testifire Multicriteria Detector Test kits

    A complete range of test kits are available – including access poles, removal tools and carrying cases.